Teltscher Trophy Overall

England England159.63 1
Patron Patron102.78 2
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland102.38 3
Scotland Scotland94.82 4
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland80.78 5
Wales Wales59.97 6

Teltscher Trophy RR1

EnglandPatronRepublic of IrelandNorthern IrelandScotlandWalesTotalPos
England England15.2616.3813.2316.0314.8575.75 1
Patron Patron4.7416.386.7712.4417.7758.10 2
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland3.623.6216.385.8118.0447.47 3
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland6.7713.233.626.7716.7247.11 4
Scotland Scotland3.977.5614.1913.233.1242.07 5
Wales Wales5.152.231.963.2816.8829.50 6

Teltscher Trophy RR2

EnglandRepublic of IrelandScotlandWalesNorthern IrelandPatronTotalPos
England England15.0618.5317.3414.1918.7683.88 1
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland4.9414.1917.3415.263.1254.85 2
Scotland Scotland1.475.8120.0014.1911.2852.75 3
Patron Patron1.2416.888.7210.007.8444.68 4
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland5.814.745.815.1512.1633.67 5
Wales Wales2.962.660.0014.8510.0030.47 6


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